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 Ministerial Decree No. 241/2016 (3 pages, in Arabic) mandating Egyptian Standards on Household and Similar Electrical Appliances.
Reference: G/TBT/N/EGY/157

Date of arrival: 2016 August 15     -     Final date for comments: 2016 October 14


This Decree mandates that the producers and importers of household and similar electrical appliances must comply with the following relevant Egyptian Standards: ES NO. 2501/2016 for Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus – Safety requirements ES NO. 4751/2016 for "Clothes washing machines for household use – Methods for measuring the performance" ES NO. 6000-1/2016 for "Household refrigerating appliances – Characteristics and test methods – Part 1: General requirements" ES NO. 6000-2/2016 for "Household refrigerating appliances – Characteristics and test methods – Part 2: Performance requirements" ES NO. 6000-3/2016 for "Household refrigerating appliances – Characteristics and test methods – Part 3: Energy consumption and volume" ES NO. 7278/2016 for "Particular requirements for electrical heat pumps, air-conditioners and dehumidifiers" ES NO. 7279/2016 for "Particular requirements for stationary circulation pumps for heating and service water installations" ES NO. 7281/2016 for "Particular requirements for portable heating tools and similar appliances" ES NO. 7282/2016 for "Particular requirements for pumps" ES NO. 7284/2016 for "Particular requirements for spin extractors" ES NO. 7287/2016 for "Particular requirements for multifunctional shower cabinets" ES NO. 7288/2016 for "Particular requirements for gas, oil and solid-fuel burning appliances having electrical connections" ES NO. 7289/2016 for "Particular requirements for vaporizers" ES NO. 7294/2016 for "Particular requirements for electrical animal-stunning equipment" ES NO. 7296/2016 for "Particular requirements for toilet appliances" ES NO. 7298/2016 for "Particular requirements for amusement machines and personal service machines" ES NO. 7299/2016 for "Particular requirements for foot warmers and heating mats" ES NO. 7300/2016 for "Particular requirements for high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners" ES NO. 7303/2016 for "Particular requirements for electrical heating appliances for breeding and rearing animals" ES NO. 7304/2016 for "Particular requirements for milking machines" ES NO. 7305/2016 for "Particular requirements for water-bed heaters" ES NO. 7306/2016 for "Particular requirements for air-cleaning appliances" ES NO. 7309/2016 for "Particular requirements for projectors and similar appliances" ES NO. 7312/2016 for "Particular requirements for sauna heating appliances and infrared cabins" ES NO. 7313/2016 for "Particular requirements for ironers" ES NO. 7314/2016 for "Particular requirements for appliances for skin exposure to ultraviolet and infrared radiation" ES NO. 7315/2016 for "Particular requirements for blankets, pads, clothing and similar flexible heating appliances " ES NO. 7316/2016 for "Particular requirements for food waste disposers" ES NO. 7311/2016 for "Particular requirements for surface-cleaning appliances for household use employing liquids or steam" Producers and importers are given a twelve month transitional period to comply with items (3), (4), (5) and a six month transitional period for the rest of the items.


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