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Regulated profession

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Vendita al dettaglio o somministrazione di alimenti e bevande (vendita alimentare, ristoranti, bar, ecc.) (Italy)

  • Generic name of profession

    Itinerant trader / Purchase and sale of goods on an itinerant basis
  • Identification

    Name of regulated profession:
    Vendita al dettaglio o somministrazione di alimenti e bevande (vendita alimentare, ristoranti, bar, ecc.)
    All regions
  • Legal information

    Legal basis for regulation

    EU Law :
    National legislation:
    art. 71 del d.lgs. 26/3/2010, n. 59
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    Type of regulation :
    Reserves of activities


    Recognition under:
    DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC
    Additional information :
    Recognition under Directive 2005/36/EC:
    Recognition of professional experience Annex IV - automatic recognition
    Level in case of subsidiary application of GS:
    SEC - Certificate attesting the completion of a secondary course , Art. 11 b
    Prior check of qualifications for a temporary and/or occasional provision of services:
  • Activities

    Description of activities:
    commercio alimentare presso esercizi - o attraverso forme speciali di vendita (spacci interni; apparecchi automatici; vendita per corrispondenza, televisione, vendite effettuate presso il domicilio del consumatore) - o attività di vendita su area pubblica tramite posteggio o forma itinerante. somministrazione di alimenti e bevande é esercitata nei bar e nei ristoranti. Tipologie degli esercizi che rientrano nell’area sono: a) esercizi di ristorazione, per la somministrazione di pasti e di bevande; b) esercizi per la somministrazione di bevande, comprese quelle alcooliche, nonché di latte, di dolciumi, compresi i generi di pasticceria e gelateria, e di prodotti di gastronomia (bar, caffè, gelaterie, pasticcerie ed esercizi similari); c) esercizi di cui alle lettere a) e b), con somministrazione di alimenti e di bevande congiunta ad attività di trattenimento e svago; d) esercizi di cui alla lettera b), in cui è esclusa la somministrazione di bevande alcooliche di qualsiasi gradazione
    trade in food in stores or through special forms of sale (internal sale, automatic devices, correspondence and TV sale, sale in the customer’s house) - or sales in public area on a stand or in itinerant form. Distribution of food and beverages is exercised in bars and restaurants. The following type of activities are included in the scope: a) catering operations, provision of meals and drinks ; b) administering beverages, including alcoholic, as well as milk, sweets, including types of pastry and ice cream and delicatessen products (bars, cafes, ice cream parlors , pastry shops and stores and similar); c) activities mentioned at a) and b) where administration of food and beverages is joint leisure and entertainment; d ) activities referred to in point b ), where administration of alcoholic beverages of any strength is excluded. (EN)
The database contains information on regulated professions, statistics on migrating professionals,contact points and competent authorities, as provided by EU Member States, EEA countries and Switzerland.
Each country is responsible for updating information, on its regulated professions, competent authorities and statistics.
The Commission cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information. However, if errors are brought to its attention, the Commission undertakes to correct them, if deemed appropriate.