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Paesaggista (Italy)

  • Legal information

    Type of regulation: Reserves of activities
  • Reserved activities

    Reserved activities :

    a) la progettazione e la direzione relative a giardini e parchi; b) la redazione di piani paesistici; c) il restauro di parchi e giardini storici, contemplati dalla legge 20 giugno 1909, n. 364, ad esclusione delle loro componenti edilizie.

    Le attività indicate nell'art. 16, c. 3 del d.p.r. n. 328/2001 sono esercitate in via non esclusiva in quanto sono in comune con l'architetto anche se l'attività del paesaggista esclude la progettazione architettonica ed edilizia, strutturale, impiantistica urbanistica e di pianificazione territoriale.

    Translation(s) :

    a) the design and direction related to gardens and parks; b) preparation of landscape plans; c) restoration of historic parks and gardens, covered by the Law of 20 June 1909 no. 364, with the exclusion of their building components

    The activities listed in art. Art. 16.3 of DPR n. 328/2001, but not exclusively, as their responsibilities are shared with the architect’s. The responsibilities of Landscape experts, however, exclude architectural and building design, construction, urban systems and territorial planning.

  • Qualification entry #1

    Method to obtain qualifications: Vocational post-secondary education level
    Most common path to obtain qualification: Vocational post-secondary education level
    Duration of education/training programme: 5.0 Year
    Existence of mandatory traineeship: Yes
    Existence of State exam to access the profession: Yes
  • Restrictions

    Mandatory registration in professional bodies: Yes
    Limitations to the number of licenses granted: No
    Existence of territorial restrictions: No
    Restriction on the corporate form/type of entity to be used to exercise related activities: No
    Restrictions related to shareholding or voting rights: No
  • Joint practices and insurance

    Prohibitions on joint practices: No
    Requirement for professional indemnity insurance: Yes
    Insurance requirement applying for cross-border: Yes
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