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Regulated profession

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Autoriparatore (Italy)

  • Generic name of profession

    Car mechanic
  • Identification

    Name of regulated profession:
    All regions
  • Legal information

    Legal basis for regulation

    EU Law :
    National legislation:

    legge 122/1992 come modificata dalla legge 224/2012

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    Type of regulation :
    Reserves of activities


    Recognition under:
    DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC
    Additional information :
    Recognition under Directive 2005/36/EC:
    Recognition of professional experience Annex IV - automatic recognition
    Level in case of subsidiary application of GS:
    SEC - Certificate attesting the completion of a secondary course , Art. 11 b
    Prior check of qualifications for a temporary and/or occasional provision of services:
    Prior check of qualifications only for individual professionals not benefiting from automatic recognition:
  • Activities

    Description of activities:

    attività di autoriparazione: l'attività di manutenzione e di riparazione dei veicoli e dei complessi di veicoli a motore, ivi compresi ciclomotori, macchine agricole, rimorchi e carrelli, adibiti al trasporto su strada di persone e di cose. Rientrano nell'attività di autoriparazione tutti gli interventi di sostituzione, modificazione e ripristino di qualsiasi componente, anche particolare, dei veicoli e dei complessi di veicoli a motore (di cui sopra), nonché l'installazione, sugli stessi veicoli e complessi di veicoli a motore, di impianti e componenti fissi. L'attività di autoriparazione si distingue in: a) meccatronica (comprende meccanica-motoristica, ed elettrauto); b) carrozzeria; c) gommista.


    The activities of vehicle repair: the maintenance and repair of vehicles and combinations of vehicles, including motorcycles, agricultural machinery, trucks and trailers, used for the carriage of persons and things by road. The following activities are classified as vehicle repair: all replacements, modifications and restoration of any component, even particular, in motor vehicles and combinations of motor vehicles (mentioned above), as well as the installation of fixed systems and components in those vehicles and combinations of vehicles. The activity of repair is divided into: a) mechatronics (includes engine mechanics and car electrician's services); b) car body c) tires.

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