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Galileo appears in the Google's Summer of Code 2013 competition Published on: 17/07/2013

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Galileo appears in the Google's Summer of Code 2013 competition.

Mara Branzanti, a PhD student at Geodesy and Geomatics Division, from University of Rome "La Sapienza", has been selected in the worldwide Google Summer of Code competition to decode Galileo signal and compute Position Velocity and Time solutions (PVT) exploiting the four in orbit Galileo Satellites.

With the advent of new in-orbit satellites, the landscape of Global navigation by Satellite is rapidly changing.
In this context, Software Defined Receiver (SDR) philosophy find a great response.

Currently, the open source GNSS-SDR can acquire, track, decode and produce PVT (Position, Velocity and Time) solutions considering GPS signals only. For the Galileo constellation, it just allows to track the first four in-orbit satellites.

Hence, the aim of this project is to :

  • implement add-ons for Galileo satellites
  • develop new blocks to decode Galileo navigation messages
  • generate observables
  • compute PVT solutions using both Galileo E1 and GPS L1 frequencies.

Her project, financed from Google, is part of GNSS-SDR software and her mentor is Javier Arribas from CTTC (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya).

- GNSS-SDR is an open-source GNSS software receiver freely available to the research community. This project provides a common framework for GNSS signal processing which can operate in a variety of computer platforms (

- Galileo is the name of the European Satellite Navigation programme.