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Workshops on the EU Construction & Demolition Waste Management Protocol in 6 EU capitals Published on: 20/07/2017, Last update: 24/07/2017

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Local stakeholders in the construction and waste sectors are coming together with the European Commission in Portugal, Ireland, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania and Spain. Morning workshops are held to discuss construction & demolition waste, and in particular the management of it.

The aims of these conferences are to present the ‘EU construction and demolition waste management protocol’, share best practice case studies and network to speed up adoption in each country. Here is what has been presented so far.
Lisbon, 8 June 2017


Session 1

EU Construction and Demolition Waste Protocol
Gestão e Reciclagem dos Resíduos de Construção & Demolição (Construction & Demolition Waste Management & Recycling) 

Session 2

Construction and Demolition Waste: Valorisation and practical applications
Case study: Demolition company
Caso de Estudo: Empresa inovadora (Case study: Innovative company)
Caso de Estudo: Lisboa (Case study: Lisbon)

Dublin, 22 June 2017


Section 1

Presentation of the Protocol
Current Position and Challenges in the Construction and Demolition Industry in Ireland

Section 2

Case study: Oisin House
Case study: Roadstone
Case study: Ballymun Boiler House
Case study: Plasterboard off-cut recycling service in the greater Dublin area
Upcoming conferences will take place in Zagreb (14 September), Bratislava (3 October), Bucharest (17 October) and Madrid (7 November). If you would like to attend, please write to


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