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New catalogue of nanomaterials used in cosmetics is now online Published on: 15/06/2017, Last update: 12/07/2017

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Today the Commission published the first version of a catalogue of nanomaterials in cosmetics on the EU market.

The catalogue collects information received from operators on nanomaterials present in cosmetic products. This includes nanomaterials used as colourants, preservatives and UV-filters. The catalogue indicates the categories of cosmetic products and foreseeable exposure conditions.  

In the EU, operators (e.g. manufacturers, importers, etc.) must notify the cosmetic products notification portal (CPNP) of cosmetic products and whether they contain nanomaterials. 

The Commission used industry notifications to the CPNP to put together the catalogue of nanomaterials. It currently contains 43 substances. 

Next steps

The catalogue is for information purposes only. It will be updated regularly. 

The Commission will continue working with EU countries and industry to constantly monitor and improve the quality of the data on nanomaterials given by operators. 

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