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Impact of regulatory approaches to the collaborative economy in the tourism accommodation sector: Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam & Paris Published on: 12/10/2016

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by Aalborg University, Denmark.

Impulse Paper No. 9 has been commissioned by the European Commission to examine the impact of regulatory approaches targeting collaborative economy in the tourism accommodation sector.

The collaborative economy is a major driver of economic and social innovation and is transforming many sectors of the economy, including tourism.

This Impulse Paper has been developed to assess the scope and effects of the collaborative economy on the tourism accommodation sector in the cities of Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. The objectives are:

  1. To compare and contrast the different regulatory measures that have been put in place in each of the 4 cities
  2. To assess the impacts of regulatory approaches adopted in each city on different groups of stakeholders and on the destination in general
  3. To analyse policy practices and make recommendations with respect to good practice.

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