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Raw Materials Week Published on: 29/08/2016, Last update: 24/11/2016

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Event date: 28/11 > 02/12/2016
Location: Brussels - (Belgium)
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The 1st edition of "Raw Materials Week" will gather a wide range of stakeholders to debate and discuss raw materials policy and initiatives. It will take place in Brussels from Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December 2016.

The Raw Materials Week is centred around a series of events organised by the European Commission addressing the latest news regarding raw materials in the EU:

29 November  "6th EU-US-Japan Trilateral Conference on Critical Raw
                       Materials" [on invitation only]

30 November  "EIT Raw Materials - Education strengthening raw
                       materials sector" 
co-organized with the EIT Raw Materials
                      (see Programme)

                     "Horizon 2020, EIT Raw Materials and ERA-MIN 2
     Information and Brokerage event" (see Programme)

1 December   "4th annual High-Level Conference of the European
                      Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials

                     (see Programme)


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Other stakeholders were invited to organise satellite events.
The following satellite events are being organised in Brussels during "Raw Materials Week" by external stakeholders:

28 November  "Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials" – FORAM
                      kick off meeting 
[on invitation only]
                      Towards a World Forum website

                      Round-tables on strategic implementation plan of the
                      European innovation partnership  on raw materials -
                      How can a sustainable mining sector contribute to the
                      European  economic and industrial growth
                      [public event with registration by email]
                     Round-table on Strategic Implementation Plan website

                      "MSP-REFRAM workshop" [on invitation only]
                      MSP-REFRAM workshop website

29 November "Social Licence to Operate – Re-connecting Raw
                       Materials with Society"
[public event with registration on the webpage]
                      Social License to Operate website

                      "Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials" – FORAM
[public event]
                      Towards a World Forum website

                     "ETP SMR General Meeting" [on invitation only]
                      ETP SMR General Meeting website

30 November  "Workshop on future scenarios on international raw
                      materials provision"
                      [public event with registration on webpage]
                      Workshop on future scenarios website

                      "EuroGeoSurveys Raw Materials R&I Stakeholder
                      Workshop" [on invitation only]
                      EuroGeoSurveys website 

1 December   "Technical meeting on Industrialisation Impact
                      Assessment" [on invitation only]

                      "Phosphorus Stewardship in Industrial Applications"
[public event with registration on the webpage]
                      Phosphorus stewardship website

                      "ERA-MIN 2 Welcome Reception"
                       [on invitation only]

                      ERA-MIN 2 website

2 December   "MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference 2016: Minerals Policy
                       and Governance" [public event with registration by
                      MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference website

                     "ERA-MIN 2 Kick-off meeting"
                      [on invitation only]
                      ERA-MIN 2 website

                      Cluster & Networking event "Critical Raw Materials
                      and Substitution" [on invitation only]

                      Development Minerals: Transforming a Neglected 
                      Sector in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific
                      [public event]

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