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IPR Enforcement Conference 2016 Published on: 18/03/2016, Last update: 14/02/2017

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Event date: 21/06/2016
Location: Charlemagne Building
1049 Brussels - (Belgium)
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The IPR Enforcement Conference provided a forum to discuss the latest developments in the area of IPR enforcement following the announcements made in the Digital Single Market Strategy of May 2015 and the Single Market Strategy of October 2015, as well as the Copyright Communication of December 2015.


At this conference, key European and international decision makers, public representatives, enforcement agencies, multinational companies and other stakeholders reviewed the progress made and the next steps in setting up and applying ‘follow-the-money’ mechanisms, based on a self-regulatory approach, in view of disrupting IP infringing activities at the source and ensuring supply chain integrity.

The event also saw the signature of the renewed Memorandum of Understanding on the online sale of counterfeit goods, an updated version of the previous voluntary agreement which introduces mechanisms that can measure the effectiveness of the agreement over time.

With over 300 attendees, the conference addressed other pressing issues such as the role of advertising intermediaries or payment service providers in the fight against IPR infringement. It also offered a first glance at the preliminary results of the public consultation on the functioning of the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive.

The programme featured top-tier keynote speeches and presentations (see below), as well as panels with key players on each of the different voluntary initiatives being developed at EU level.

The conference was webstreamed

Keynote speech by E. BieĊ„kowska, Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Photos from the conference

Video summary of the conference

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