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Public consultation on due diligence and supply chain integrity for intellectual property protection Published on: 17/12/2015, Last update: 03/10/2016

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The European Commission ran a public consultation on the mechanisms developed by companies to secure their supply chains and thereby protect their Intellectual Property (IP). The report of the consultation is now available.

Report on the public consultation on due diligence and supply chain integrity for IP protection
 (PDF, 830kB)

The joint consultation between the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurships and SMEs, and the Joint Research Centre is part of the 'follow the money' strategy, which was announced in the European Single Market strategy (adopted on 28 October 2015) to prevent IP-infringing products and services from penetrating both on and offline markets.

The results of the consultation will allow for the mapping and the promotion of best practices aimed at protecting supply chains from IP infringement threats.

The consultation invited any company acting as an IP right holder and/or as a supplier to such a right holder within both the goods and service sectors to complete the survey. SMEs were highly encouraged to participate in the consultation.

The consultation was available in English, French and German.