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Workshop on 'Streamlining applications for authorisation' Published on: 10/08/2015, Last update: 04/01/2016

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Event date: 17/11 > 17/11/2015
Location: The Berlaymont building (meeting room Schuman)
200 rue de la Loi - 1040 Brussels -
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Follow-up workshop on the 'Lessons Learned' conference on applications for authorisation, held in Helsinki on 10-11 February 2015.

The aim of this workshop was to further improve the functioning of the authorisation process under the REACH Regulation by focusing on two aspects: how to make 'fit-for-purpose' applications in general and how to fulfil the information requirements for 'upstream' applications.

Participation was sought from stakeholders in industry and civil society. Representatives from the Member State competent authorities, the European Chemical Agency, including members of its scientific committees RAC and SEAC, and the European Commission took also part.

The Agenda with the presentation slides

Video recording of the conference. If the video doesn't start, please try with another browser.

Conclusions of the workshop