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ETIS and Accessible Tourism Awards Ceremony Published on: 01/04/2015, Last update: 08/08/2016

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Event date: 22/04 > 22/04/2016
Location: Charlemagne building, Alcide De Gasperi room
Rue de la Loi 170 - 1000 Brussels - (Belgium)
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The joint ETIS and Accessible Tourism Awards Ceremony took place on 22 April in Brussels.

The ETIS and Accessible Tourism Awards are a recognition of the efforts made by destinations to make use of the European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS) during its pilot phase to measure and enhance their sustainable management performance. The awards also give special attention to destinations working to improve accessibility.

Awards were given to 8 destinations in 3 categories, recognising both sustainable and accessible destination management approaches. They were given based on social, economic, environmental and cultural criteria. Accessibility was also a criterion for success.

During the ceremony, the new 2016 edition of the ETIS toolkit was presented and distributed. 


The European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) was launched by the European Commission in 2013, with the objective to provide a measuring and monitoring tool for destinations wanting to adopt a sustainable management approach and to enhance their sustainability performances. It is designed to be a tool which any destination can pick up and use voluntarily, without any specific training.

The first edition of ETIS was tested in a pilot initiative and has been implemented in over 100 destinations across Europe during 2-year phase (2013-2015). The objective of the 2 pilot phases was to obtain the feedback of destinations on the practical use of ETIS, with a view to potential improvements. The 2016 edition of the ETIS toolkit, assessed by the European Commission with support from the ETIS pool of experts, takes into account this feedback.

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These awards will identify destinations that have been testing the European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS) and achieving good results. Awards will also be given to destinations focusing particularly on accessible tourism.