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Joint actions for non-technological, user-centred innovation: 1st Action Plan of the European Design Innovation Initiative Published on: 19/07/2011, Last update: 08/10/2011

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The present call for proposals aims at improving the impact of innovation policies by speeding up the take up of design as a user-centered innovation tool in national, regional and EU innovation policies.

Main issues to be addressed by the call for proposals are:

  • to develop a joint vision, joint priorities and joint actions for non-technological, user-centred innovation with participating countries and stakeholders;
  • to mainstream design into innovation and better integrate design and user-centred innovation approaches into innovation projects, policy, support across Europe;
  • to raise the awareness of design and user-driven innovation and the use of design for economic, environmental and social purposes;
  • to improve the circulation of experiences and good practices in the area of user-centred innovation and design in innovation policy.

The specific objectives of the call are, in particular:

  • To allow mutual policy-learning and transnational cooperation by testing the transferability of best practices ("learning by doing"): between experienced actors (already implementing design innovation policy) towards actors willing to become active providers of design innovation support services.
  • To mobilise national, regional and European support providers towards Design Innovation support.
  • To tap on creativity and expertise of support providers and policy-makers to benchmark different approaches and methodologies towards design as a user-centred and market driven innovation tool.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 10/10/2011.

Please note that additional information could be posted on this webpage during the publication stage of this call for proposals - we encourage you to visit the page regularly.

NEW (08/10/2011) - Questions and answers have been published

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