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Notification procedures

Notifying Authority State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) - Federal Department of Economic Affairs FDEA
Holzikofenweg 36
CH-3003 Bern
EU legislation Regulation (EU) 305/2011
Legal Act Law of 21.03.14 on construction products, Ord. of 27.08.14 on construction products, Ord. of 10.09.14 of FOBL on designation of EU implementing and delegated acts regarding construction products, Ord. of 17.06.1996 on accreditation and designation.
Guidance Document(s)
Notification process The CAB has to apply for a designation and notification according to the construction products ordinance in conjunction with the OAccD with the designating authority (Federal Office for Building and Logistics). It shall indicate the desired scope, i.e. a list of harmonized product standards corresponding to the relevant delegated Act of the European Commission and the applicable AVCP-systems to a corresponding active accreditation. Designation in this sector may only occur based on an accreditation by the Swiss national accreditation body (SAS), a full member of European Accreditation. The designation procedure is set out in article 28 OAccD. The designating authority verifies the fulfillment of all legal requirements according to construction products ordinance of 27. August 2014. The designating authority informs SECO of the designation; SECO notifies the CAB to the EU as required by the Agreement on the mutual recognition of conformity assessments between Switzerland and the EU.
CAB complies With the requirements related to (Article 39 to 55 CPR)
Accreditation     .Product certification
    .Testing and calibration laboratories
    .Certification of persons
Requirements not covered by accreditation standards     .CAB does participate in Horizontal Committee of Notified Bodies established under the legislation (or national committee)
    .CAB complies to the information obligation of NB (art 53)
    .CAB complies to the operational obligations of NB (art 52)