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Country Name Locality Enterprises Certificates Legislations Last Update
Austria (AT) Foreign Trade Administration Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy Wien List List List 2014-05-16
Belgium (BE) Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs Strategic Goods Control Unit Brussel List List List 2012-03-19
Belgium (BE) Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale Direction des Relations Extérieures-cellule licences Bruxelles List List List 2012-03-19
Belgium (BE) SPW DGO6 Direction Licences Armes Walloon Region Namur List List List 2013-08-21
Bulgaria (BG) Interdepartmental Council on Defence Industry and Security of Supply Sofia List List List 2014-05-08
Bulgaria (BG) Interministerial Commission for Export Control and Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction with the Minister of Economy and Energy Sofia List List List 2014-05-08
Cyprus (CY) Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Import/Export Licensing Section Trade Service Nicosia List List List 2011-11-25
Czech Republic (CZ) Ministry of Industry and Trade Licensing Office, Military Material Department Prague List List List 2014-05-07
Germany (DE) Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) Eschborn List List List 2011-09-05
Denmark (DK) Danish Ministery of justice Security and Prevention Division Copenhagen List List List 2014-05-13
Estonia (EE) Strategic Goods Commission Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tallinn List List List 2014-05-08
Spain (ES) Subdirección General de Comercio Internacional de Material de Defensa y Doble Uso Dirección General de Comercio Internacional e Inversiones Secretaría de Estado de Comercio Madrid List List List 2015-02-25
Finland (FI) Ministry of Defence of Finland Resource Policy Department Helsinki List List List 2014-05-08
France (FR) Direction générale pour l’armement – Direction du développement international Paris List List List 2016-05-10
United Kingdom (GB) Export Control Organisation (Policy Unit) Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) London List List List 2014-05-07
Greece (GR) Hellenic MoD Directorate of Defense Armaments & Investments Holargos List List List 2012-06-28
Croatia (HR) Ministry of Economy, Directorate – General for Trade and Internal Market, Department for Weapons and Licences Zagreb List List List 2014-05-07
Hungary (HU) Government Office of the Capital City Budapest Unit of Defence Industry Budapest List List List 2017-07-11
Ireland (IE) Licensing Unit Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation Dublin List List List 2011-09-05
Italy (IT) Armaments Exports Licensing Unit (UAMA) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rome List List List 2014-05-07
Italy (IT) Autorità nazionale – UAMA/National Authority for Armament licensing and controls – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rome List List List 2014-01-15
Italy (IT) Presidency of the Council of Ministers Military Advisor Office Secretariat for Defence Products Rome List List List 2011-11-25
Lithuania (LT) Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania Investment and Export Departement Export Division Vilnius List List List 2011-11-25
Luxembourg (LU) Ministère de l’Economie et du Commerce extérieur Luxemburg List List List 2013-02-05
Latvia (LV) Ministry of Defense Licensing Committee Riga List List List 2014-05-08
Latvia (LV) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Division of export control of strategic goods Riga List List List 2014-05-08
Netherlands (NL) Centrale Dienst voor In- en Uitvoer (CDIU) Groningen List List List 2014-05-07
Norway (NO) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Departement for Security Policy and The High North Section for Export Control Oslo List List List 2013-09-18
Poland (PL) Internal Security Agency Warsaw List List List 2012-09-03
Poland (PL) Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology Department for Trade in Sensitive Goods and Technical Safety Warszawa List List List 2019-04-16
Portugal (PT) Ministry of Defence Directorate-General for Armaments and Infrastructure Defence Goods and Technology Control Division Lisboa List List List 2011-11-25
Romania (RO) Conventional Arms Division, Directorate for Export Controls - ANCEX, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania Bucarest List List List 2014-05-07
Sweden (SE) Inspectorate of Strategic Products Stockholm List List List 2014-12-09
Slovenia (SI) Ministry of Defence Logistics Directorate Ljubljana List List List 2011-11-25
Slovakia (SK) Ministry of Economy, Department of trade measures Bratislava List List List 2014-05-26
Records : 35