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Implementation report

Commission presents the “services package” (June 2012)

On 8 June 2012, the European Commission adopted the “services package”, which sets out actions that the Commission is proposing to stimulate growth in the services sector. The package is made up of the Communication on the implementation of the Services Directive "A partnership for new growth in services 2012 – 2015" and accompanied by three Commission Staff Working Documents. The package comes in response to Article 41 of the Services Directive, which calls for a comprehensive report on the application of the Directive.

In adopting the “services package”, the Commission is taking stock of how much progress has been achieved so far by the Member States in removing unnecessary legal and administrative barriers. It also identifies the restrictions that have not yet been abolished and proposes measures to make the single market for services work better in order to achieve growth.

The most recent economic assessment of the implementation of the Services Directive shows that the Services Directive brings significant economic benefits in terms of GDP growth, something which is indispensable at a time when there is an increasing need to identify sources of new growth. Further measures are needed to fully realise the objectives of the Services Directive and deliver a well-functioning Single Market for services, one which benefits businesses and consumers alike.

The Communication is accompanied by 3 Commission Staff Working Documents, containing detailed analyses of several aspects of the services sectors.

The first presents the state of play of the implementation of the key provisions of the Services Directive and the problems that still remain, as well as the state of play of the "Points of Single Contact" with a section dedicated to individual Member State assessment. It is complemented by an economic assessment showing the effects and the growth potential of the Services Directive.

The second paper on the principle of non-discrimination by businesses of service recipients on the basis of nationality or country of residence provides initial clarification on the Article 20 (2) of the Services Directive.

The third identifies a number of obstacles for businesses wishing to expand to other EU countries that were highlighted in the performance check exercise, which aimed to show how different EU rules are applied to businesses in their day to day activities.

Services Directive: Assessment of implementation measures in Member States

This study, carried out by Milieu Ltd, looks at national measures implementing the provision of the Services Directive and it focuses on the provision of the Article 14, 15 and 16. Part one of the report deals with the analysis of the implementation of the freedom to provide services clause. Part two looks into national requirements in specific service sectors (retails, tourism, food and beverages, real estates, education, crafts, construction and certification services, regulated professions).