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Administrative cooperation

The Services Directive obliges Member States to cooperate with each other and give mutual assistance in the supervision of service providers. Competent authorities of different Member States have to exchange information with each other and carry out checks, inspections and investigations upon request. They also have to send an alert to other Member States in cases relating to a service activity that could cause serious damage to the health or safety of persons or to the environment. For this purpose the Commission in cooperation with Member States established an electronic system for the exchange of information (IMI).

Oct. 2009

IMI user guide on how to use the Internal Market information system to support administrative cooperation under the Services Directive

Oct. 2009

Commission Decision: Administrative Cooperation through IMI
On 2nd October 2009 the European Commission adopted its first implementing measure in support of the Services Directive. The Decision of the Commission confirms the use of the Internal Market Information System (“IMI”) for the purposes of administrative cooperation between Member States. It also sets out some practical arrangements related to how Member States will exchange information through IMI for the specific purposes set out in the Services Directive