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Evaluation of the Directive

The European Commission has conducted a major evaluation of the Professional Qualifications Directive (Directive 2005/36/EC).

What is an evaluation? An evaluation by the Commission follows once legislation has been introduced at European level and implemented at national level. It is an evidence-based assessment of how well legislation has been achieving its objectives and whether the objectives of such legislation are still pertinent in the light of potentially changing needs. The final evaluation reportpdf Choose translations of the previous link  is now available.

Study evaluating the Professional Qualifications Directive against recent educational reforms in EU Member States

Experience reports from competent authorities and national coordinators

As a first step in the evaluation process, the European Commission reached out to competent authorities and national coordinators of the Directive, requesting them to share their own experience with the acquis on professional qualifications. In a second step, DG Internal Market and Services launched a public consultation on 7 January 2011.

The published reports are presented by competent authorities and national coordinators of the Directive.

These reports do neither reflect the views of the European Commission nor its services, neither of the European Parliament nor of the governments in Member States.

The European Commission issued further publications linked to this subject: statistics appear in a specific section of the Internal Market Scoreboard published on 22 September 2010 and a proper analysis of the Commission services on how Member States have transposed the Directive is contained in the attached staff working paper.

Additional experience reports (22 December 2010)

  • Experience report – doctors
  • Experience report – nurses
  • Experience report – dentists
  • Experience report – midwifes
  • Experience report – pharmacists

 Additional experience reports (3 December 2010)

Additional experience reports (15 November 2010)

Background documents

22.09.2010 Internal market scoreboard no. 21
13.09.2010 Summary reportpdf Choose translations of the previous link  – meeting 17 March 2010 with professional organisations on evaluation of directive regarding professional qualifications