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Free movement of professionals

Do you want to practise your profession or provide services in another EU country? Do you need to declare your professional qualifications or have them recognised?

On this site, you will find the EU law governing recognition of professional qualifications, including the directives regulating certain professions.

The site gives detailed explanations of EU legislation covering:

Contact points

There are contact points in every EU country that can give you information on the recognition of your professional qualifications (national law, procedures to be followed) and guide you through the administrative formalities you need to complete. You can also use the one-stop shop provided for by the “Services directive”.


National authorities may need to cooperate with each other when considering your application for recognition. They may also use the IMI system to facilitate cooperation.

Who decides?

National competent authorities decide whether or not to recognise professional qualifications obtained in other EU countries, in accordance with European legislation. In so doing, they are also expected to follow the common rules set out in a Code of Conduct.