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Current rules, thresholds and guidelines

The currently applicable “Sector” and “Classical” public procurement directives remain in force until 17 April 2016. Please see Public procurement reform for more information on new rules.

“Sector Directive” – Water, energy, transport and postal services

“Classical Directive” – Contracts for public works, public supply and public service

Contracting authorities and entities

The current list of contracting authorities and entities can be found in the Annexes to Commission Decision 2008/963/EC

Standard Forms

Common Procurement Vocabulary – CPV

See the dedicated page on CPV.

EU guidelines for contracts not or not fully subject to the above Directives

Commission interpretative communication – 2006

The communication applies to:

  • low-value contracts below the thresholds for the Directives to apply, but which still have cross-border interest
  • contracts above €193 000 for which the Directives only provide limited rules, e.g. health and legal services.

It interprets existing case-law of the European Court of Justice and suggests best practice to comply with internal market requirements, including a minimum of transparency and non-discrimination when awarding low-value contracts.