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Other aspects of procurement

Under the EU public procurement rules, contracting authorities may take multiple aspects into account – such as the need to protect the environment, include social considerations or foster innovation – provided such aspects are relevant to the product, service or work they want to procure.

This section lists the various EU initiatives to integrate such aspects into public procurement procedures.

Europe 2020

Green Public Procurement


Green Public Procurement dedicated website containing also the following documents:




Pre-commercial procurement:

Lead Markets:

Risk management:

Ethical trade

Enlargement and European Neighbourhood policy


Public procurement is one of the areas in which candidate and potential candidate countries are required to align their legislation on the EU rules.

Bilateral market access in the area of public contracts is regulated by Stabilisation and Association Agreements between the EU and most of the candidate and potential candidate countries.

The negotiations on public procurement with Croatia were provisionally closed on 30 June 2010.

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European neighbourhood:

Bilateral cooperation between the EU and its 16 closest neighbours includes clauses on public procurement tailored to the specific bilateral interests in each case. These may include:

  • improving market access
  • increasing transparency
  • reducing discrimination and the use of exemptions
  • aligning rules on EU legislation and/or international standards
  • dissemination of good practices.

See also: European neighbourhood policy

Small businesses

Small businesses (SMEs) are the backbone of the EU economy and to make the most of their potential for job creation, growth and innovation, they need easier access to public procurement.

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