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European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN)

European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN)

The European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) comprises regular competitions to select an emerging ‘destination of excellence’ based on the commitment to social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. Each competition is based on a specific theme such as rural tourism, aquatic tourism, or accessible tourism.

The European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) is a European Commission initiative to

  • promote sustainable tourism,
  • enhance the visibility of emerging and lesser known tourist destinations in Europe,
  • create awareness of Europe's tourism diversity and quality

The winners of the competition join the EDEN Network, where they can share good practice with their counterparts across Europe.

The Commission launched the project in 2006 and continues to play a coordinating role. It encourages dialogue among stakeholders, co-finances the selection procedures, and organises the award ceremony and a comprehensive communication campaign.

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