European Tourism Days

European Tourism Days

The European Tourism Days are an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss specific themes.

The European Tourism Days is an annual event. The themes are selected on the basis of current policy priorities.

European Tourism Day 2016

In 2016 European Tourism Day returns to Brussels on 29 November. This year’s theme is “Enhancing synergies between tourism and cultural and creative industries. Innovative solutions as the driver for jobs and growth”.

European Tourism Day 2016

European Tourism Day 2015

European Tourism Day 2015 will take place on 16 December in Brussels. Topics for discussion will include digitalisation, interconnectivity, sustainability and responsibility, accessibility, and governance.

European Tourism Day 2015

European Tourism Day 2014: Key Challenges for the Future of European Tourism

European Tourism Day 2014 looked towards the future of tourism in Europe. Open discussions focused on the future competitiveness and sustainable growth of European tourism.

European Tourism Day 2014

European Tourism Day 2013: Accessible Tourism in Europe

The ‘European Day of Persons with Disabilities’ and ‘European Tourism Day’ 2013 were celebrated with the Joint Conference, ‘Accessible Tourism in Europe’ on 3-4 December. The aim of the event was to raise awareness on the right of everybody to equal access to tourism services and destinations and to present some success stories and best practices in the field.

Accessible Tourism in Europe

European Tourism Day 2012: Seasonality – Maritime and Coastal Tourism

European Tourism Day, 27 September 2012, discussed the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry. The conference addressed ‘Seasonality’ and ‘Maritime and Coastal Tourism’.

European Tourism Day 2012

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