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Postal services

Postal services

Postal services play a key role in an effective and dynamic EU Single Market and they are of crucial importance to businesses and EU citizens alike. The European Commission works on improving the quality of delivery and access to postal services, and aims to complete a well-functioning Single Market for postal services.

Presentations from the European Commission workshop on developments in the postal sector


The 'Delivering for the future III: Developments in the postal sector' workshop took place in Brussels on 29 January 2019. Access the presentations prepared by WIK-Consult.


Why postal services are important

  • EU economy - the EU postal sector accounts for 91 billion or 0.72% of EU GDP (letter post alone accounts for 44 billion or 0.34 percent of the GDP, and the number of letters was 82 billion).
  • E-commerce - the parcel sector is dynamically growing in terms of volume and plays an important role in the development of e-commerce. Over 6.4 billion items were shipped in 2011.
  • Employment - about 1.2 million people were employed by universal postal service providers in 2013, and other providers of postal services also provide an important source of employment.

Commission objectives

The postal sector has been opened to competition in a gradual and controlled way. The core aims of EU postal policy are to:

  • complete the Single Market for postal services
  • ensure a high quality universal postal service for businesses and consumers at affordable prices
  • improve the quality of service, such as delivery times and convenient access
  • ensure the correct implementation of EU legislation and propose any necessary changes to meet these objectives.

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