Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship

Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship

The Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship was set up in 2014 to outline what should be the short and long-term strategy for digital entrepreneurship in Europe, to implement this strategy and to share experience and advise the European Commission on key priorities.


The Strategic Policy Forum will reinforce dialogue between industry, and the scientific and political communities, with the aim of shaping an ambitious EU vision and a European roadmap that will fuel digital entrepreneurship in Europe.

The Forum will advise the Commission on policy issues and actions to foster digital entrepreneurship and will promote the development of policy by EU countries at national and regional level.

The scope of the Forum is broad. It covers topics such as:

  • new business opportunities for jobs and growth
  • a favourable digital business environment
  • the digital transformation of traditional industry
  • access to finance
  • e-leadership skills
  • digital entrepreneurial culture
  • national and regional digital entrepreneurship policies.

Final report: Key recommendations of the Strategic Policy Forum

The key recommendations of the Strategic Policy Forum were presented in March 2016 in an executive summary (2 MB) of the full, final report 'Accelerating the digital transformation of European industry and enterprises' which will be published later in the spring. The key recommendations focus on what must be done for Europe to embrace the opportunities and reap the full benefits of the digital economy. The timing of the recommendations coincides with the Commission’s finalisation of a new European initiative to help Europe's businesses seize the digital opportunities.


There are four further reports by the Forum:

First report: Digital Transformation of European Industry and Enterprises

The first report (18 MB) from the Strategic Policy Forum was launched at an event in March 2015. The report provides evidence of the new business opportunities offered by unprecedented business models that are empowered by advanced digital technologies. It also identifies the key challenges for Europe and proposes thirteen recommendations for political and business leaders to help deal with the need for jobs and growth. The timing of the report coincides with the Commission's work on the scope and proposals linked to the Digital Single Market, internal market and industrial policy.



The following organisations are represented in the Strategic Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship:

  • representatives from industry, including digital entrepreneurs and traditional industries, pioneers in the digital transformation of their business, small enterprises and large corporations;
  • technology providers to digital entrepreneurs and relevant associations;
  • organisations supporting and monitoring digital entrepreneurship, including NGOs, universities, research organisations, intellectual property experts and equity firms;
  • public authorities, particularly those active in digital entrepreneurship.

Member organisations and their representatives

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