Workshops provides a forum in which participants (business community representatives, investors, policy makers, industry analysts, researchers, non-governmental organisations, and other relevant stakeholders) can discuss the business innovation trends investigated by the Business Innovation Observatory during the ongoing semester.

Conference 2: 'Disrupting the future', Brussels – January 2016

The Juncker Commission has set out an ambitious agenda to give a new boost to jobs, growth and investment in Europe. Innovation is a key underlying driver of this roadmap and an important factor for further developing a strong European industry to generate more employment and wealth in the EU in the future. To enhance its leadership in the field of business innovation, Europe must better understand the changing technologies and models used by innovative businesses.

This two-day interactive conference summed up the last 3 years of the Business Innovation Observatory (BIO) and looked towards the future of innovation. More than 130 participants were gathered over the two days, including role-model entrepreneurs, serial investors, renowned industry experts and high-level policy-makers.

Workshop 4: 'Collaborative economy', London – October 2015

The collaborative economy has an increasing impact on different aspects of modern economy: established businesses trying to avoid disruption, start-ups looking to scale their offering, consumers facing quality and safety standards, and policy makers trying to regulate and manage the market.

This workshop serves to debate the power of the collaborative economy and to discuss how to set up the foundations of a strong European sharing economy. It is also designed to help shape the European policy in this respect.

Conference 1: 'Innovation for supporting smart value chains', Brussels – April 2015

An interactive forum to debate the power of innovation to sustain, fuel and accelerate the development of smart value chains in the EU.

Workshop 3: 'Developing effective collaborations and strategies on smart, sustainable and inclusive business innovations', Naples – October 2014

Workshop on smart factories, clean technologies and business models based on customer experience.

Workshop 2: 'Enhancing our global competitiveness through innovative design, products and solutions', Berlin – March 2014

Workshop on design for innovation, smart living and innovative business models for global competitiveness.

Workshop 1: 'Un-tapping our innovation potential to tackle business and societal challenges', Brussels – October 2013

Workshop on advanced manufacturing, public private partnerships, big data, workplace innovation and sharing economy.