Competitiveness reports

Competitiveness reports

To support policy development and encourage EU countries to increase their competitiveness, the European Commission regularly monitors the competitiveness performance of EU countries and EU industries. It also prepares an outlook for the upcoming quarter and shares best practices through the good practice reports.

Report on Single Market Integration and Competitiveness in the EU and its Member States

This report by the Directorate-General (DG) for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs looks into recent developments and long-term trends concerning the main issues of the competitiveness and integration performance of the EU and its Member States. The report focuses on four horizontal key challenges that are vital for the microeconomic performance of the EU: investment, competitiveness and innovation, the integration of EU firms in EU and international value chains, and the financing of the real economy.

Single Market Integration and Competitiveness in the EU and its Member States Report

Member States’ Competitiveness Report

The DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs monitors the competitiveness performance of EU countries through annual fact-finding missions and the publication of the Member States’ Competitiveness Report. This annual report reviews and compares the industrial performance and policies of the EU, as a whole, with its Member States, pursuant to Article 173 of the Treaty.

The 2014 Member States’ Competitiveness Report , 'Reindustrialising Europe', provides an indicator-based assessment of the implementation of industrial policy at EU and national level.

The MS Competitiveness Report

European Competitiveness Report

The European Competitiveness Report analyses the competitive performance of EU industries on the basis of empirical evidence and advanced methodologies. It contributes to evidence-based policy-making by identifying and closing knowledge gaps in industrial policy.

The 2014 European Competitiveness Report, 'Helping Firms Grow' provides a quantitative assessment of the competitive performance of EU industries and empirical answers to important questions in the industrial policy debate.

The European Competitiveness Report 2014

EU Industrial Structure Report

The EU Industrial Structure Report monitors the performance of the EU’s industrial and service sectors.

The EU Industrial Structure Report

Short-term Industrial Outlook

The Short-term Industrial Outlook is a quarterly publication that reviews competitiveness developments in the EU, including competitiveness in relation to other major economies. It also presents an outlook for the next couple of quarters.

The Short-term Industrial Outlook

Good Practice Reports

Exchanges of good practice can serve as a useful guidance for policy makers when designing and implementing microeconomic policies or structural reforms. DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs has published a new series of exchange of good practice reports. The aim is to support policy development and learning among Member States and to promote increased competitiveness by highlighting well-substantiated good practice. Concrete examples from across Europe are identified in each case:

  • Market Surveillance Activities Related to Non-Food Consumer Products Sold Online: The aim of this project was to identify good practices in market surveillance activities related to non-food consumer products sold online and to evaluate their effectiveness for an exchange. It aims to promote an understanding of the policy principles and show what they mean in practice in a way that can assist other countries to develop similar approaches. The report is built around 18 cases of good practice in three categories: monitoring and detection; consumer awareness raising; and business awareness raising. Read the Report (728 kB) and the Annex (911 kB).
  • Key Enabling Technologies (KETs): The objective of this project was to identify the best mix of policy measures to support the deployment of KETs. The report provides several lessons on good policy practice in the area of KETs deployment - read the Report (5 MB).
  • Innovative Green Business Models: This project identifies policy measures that would facilitate business model innovations. The main aim was the exchange of good policy practices for promoting innovative and green business models in EU Member States - read the Report (3 MB).
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): This project evaluated the effectiveness of Member States' programmes to facilitate and promote FDI, as well as enabling countries to exchange good practices in investment promotion - read the Report (4 MB).
  • Innovation and Tourism: This project identifies good practices in the tourism sector and evaluates their effectiveness. Concrete examples are provided of good practice from across Europe. Read the Report (1 MB), Summary (750 kB) and Annex A (Cases, 3 MB).
  • Sustainability of Raw Materials: The report identifies good practices in the raw materials sector and evaluates their effectiveness. By sharing 25 concrete examples, the report assists other countries and regions in developing similar approaches. Read the Report (1 MB) and the Annex A (Good Practice Cases, 2 MB).
  • Study on R&D Tax Incentives: The study describes the R&D tax incentives available in 33 countries, presents the findings of the existing academic literature on the effectiveness and efficiency of tax incentives, and provides a framework for defining good practices. The vast majority of studies surveyed in this report conclude that R&D tax credits are effective in stimulating investment in R&D. There is limited evidence for a positive impact of R&D tax incentives on innovation. The estimates of the size of this effect are widely diverging and are not always comparable across countries. Read the Report (3 MB), the Country Fiches (1 MB), and the Good Practice Cases (1 MB).