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NEW REPORT: Vehicle safety and the protection of vulnerable road users - next steps

NEW REPORT: Vehicle safety and the protection of vulnerable road users - next steps
Published on: 31/03/2015
The Commission has published a long awaited report with a list of over 50 specific vehicle safety features that have the most potential to improve vehicle safety, and thus road safety, in the EU.

Both the General Safety Regulation (EC) 661/2009 on vehicle safety and the Pedestrian Safety Regulation (EC) 78/2009 on the protection of vulnerable road users in a collision require the Commission to monitor technical developments in enhanced passive safety requirements and consider possible inclusion of new safety features and enhanced active safety technologies.

The Commission will report on the latest developments to the European Parliament and the Council in an envisaged Communication which is planned to be adopted in 2015.

The Communication will outline the methodology to identify the next measures and a way forward in terms of vehicle safety. It will be based on the summary of findings included in the just published comprehensive report that lists:

  • the most cost beneficial measures ('green light' measures);
  • other measures that are either neutral or that need further detailed analysis (‘orange’ measures);
  • measures that are likely not to be cost effective (‘red’ measures).

The process of identifying the most cost-efficient measures has been carried out together with government and non-government stakeholders, including the vehicle industry, supplier industry, type-approval authorities, technical services, transport-, environment- and safety organisations.


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