New action plan for the car sector launched

New action plan for the car sector launched
Published on: 05/02/2015
The launch of the new CARS 2020 Action Plan for automotive industry was announced on 4 February 2015 by Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Commissioner responsible for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMES. The new Action Plan will help foster competitiveness of the automotive industry and guide the sector through the ongoing mobility revolution.

Following the previous successful CARS 2020 process, the new plan aims to help the sector face new challenges stemming from technological changes, globalisation and a new approach to mobility that requires a coordinated approach on the EU level. It will cover a period of two years.

What does the new Action Plan bring?

The plan will be even more ambitious than its predecessor. It will have a much more forward looking perspective and more action objectives.

The plan will be a unique opportunity to re-shape the position of the European automotive sector and give it a proper direction for future development. The process will lay down solid foundations for the execution of the plan. Moreover, a strong, inclusive High Level Group with a broad participation of the Commissioners and Member States will be created.

Main objectives

The new process focuses on two main objectives:

  • strengthening the competiveness of the automotive sector, both in Europe and externally;
  • driving the sector through the ongoing mobility revolution and making Europe the key player and trendsetter in the domains of innovative modes of transport and intelligent transport systems.

Background information

The CARS 2020 Action Plan and the subsequent CARS 2020 process were the Commission's response to an unprecedented fall of demand for vehicles on European markets. Even though economic climate has improved since the publication of the Action Plan in November 2012 and its successful implementation, the industry is now facing new challenges.

Next steps

Further details as well as the very final structure of the process will be discussed during the next meeting of the Competitiveness Council at the beginning of March 2015.