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Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme 2018-2020 - Stakeholder Consultation Workshop

Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme 2018-2020 - Stakeholder Consultation Workshop
Published on: 07/10/2016
The workshop was organised in the context of preparing the next work programme of Horizon 2020 covering the period 2018-2020 and the transition to the next EU research and innovation framework programme. This exercise was aligned with the Commission's initiative of defining a Space Strategy for Europe.

Building upon previous stakeholder consultation steps, the workshop gathered complementary input from the European space sector, including industry, research organisations, academia and users, on the content of the Horizon 2020 LEIT-Space Work Programme 2018-2020.

The agenda was structured as a sequence of sessions covering the traditional building blocks of the work programme.


26 September | Session 1: Earth observation

Panel 1.1: Widening the use of Copernicus data and information

Panel 1.2: Market uptake

Panel 1.3: Copernicus evolution

27 September | Session 2: Space Technologies

Panel 2.1: Generic space technologies

Panel 2.2: Mission-oriented space technologies

27 September | Session 3: In-orbit Demonstration/Validation and Access to Space

Panel 3.1: In-orbit demonstration/validation

Panel 3.2: Access to space

27 September | Session 4: Space science and Space Environment

Panel 4.1: Exploitation of scientific space data and scientific instrumentation

Panel 4.2: Space environment – space weather and space debris

28 September | Session 6: EGNSS – Focus on Applications and Market Uptake

Panel 5.1: Transport, Location-based services, Professional Markets and other applications


Location-based services and new emerging mass market applications (e.g. Internet of Things)

Professional and other applications (e.g. scientific)

28 September | Session 6: EGNSS – Infrastructures, Mission and Services

Panel 6.1: Science, Technology and Infrastructures

Galileo system evolutions

Next generation clocks

High performance and flexible satellite platforms and metasurface antennas

Signal generation & robustness

Panel 6.2: Mission and Services

EGNOS evolution

New services

Integrity features maritime applications

Non-GNSS systems and impact on next GNSS generation requirements


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