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Flash Eurobarometer Report (March 2016)

Flash Eurobarometer Report (March 2016)
Published on: 30/05/2016
The outcomes of this year's survey show an upward trend in travel recorded in 2015, a development which is likely to continue in 2016.

This Flash Eurobarometer report shows that EU citizens have become more confident about their travel plans for 2016 in the context of the economic situation, and plans for all types of holidays show a slight increase from previous years in particular for short-stay trips.

Some key findings from the report:

  • Sun or beach (39%), and visiting family, friends or relatives (38%) were the most popular reasons given for going on holiday. Just over three in ten respondents said that they had done so for nature (31%), while a little over a quarter of respondents mentioned city trips (27%) or culture (26%).
  • Almost a third of respondents (32%) said they used other online commercial services such as tour operators or airline companies to book their holidays and just under a quarter did so through online commercial services listing private housing offers from individuals (24%).
  • Nearly half the respondents (48%) had most often purchased tourist services separately for short-stay trips. Just under a quarter had most often used other (not all-inclusive) types of package travel (24%), while just over one in ten respondents most often chose an all-inclusive holiday when taking short-stay trips (11%).
  • For 2016 over four in ten of them (44%) said they planned to spend their main holiday in their own country, while almost three in ten (29%) intended to spend their main holiday somewhere in the European Union. Roughly one in six respondents (15%) said they planned to travel to a country outside the European Union, while 12% did not know where they would go.