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EU Industry Week 2019 - Invitation to participate in EU Industry Open Doors 2019

EU Industry Week 2019 - Invitation to participate in EU Industry Open Doors 2019
Published on: 30/10/2018 Last update: 13/11/2018
Deadline: 15/01/2019
The European Commission is looking for organisations to participate in EU Industry Open Doors 2019 – part of the third edition of EU Industry Days, taking place on 5-6 February 2019 in Brussels. The aim is to provide the public, and especially young people, with the opportunity to visit industrial companies and factories across Europe to learn about the vital role industry plays in their lives and the economy.

The event will see companies of various sizes, as well as factories active in diverse industrial areas, offer guided tours and workshops with the aim to acquaint people with the various work procedures, products and job opportunities in their sectors.

The only requirement to participate is that your event exposes people to present-day manufacturing, showcases the positive aspects of working in your industry, and explains how manufacturing contributes to society and the economy.

The most common events are expected to be plant tours, business presentations, training courses, job and education fairs, community events organised in partnership with other businesses, economic development groups and training centres, as well as breakfast, lunch or dinner discussions involving community and business leaders.

Organisations from any industrial sector or the research and innovation community are invited to organise an Open Doors event in January, February or March 2019. The events will be labelled 'EU Industry Week' events and will be promoted on our event website.

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