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Developing your content plan

Developing your content plan
Published on: 23/01/2018

Digital technologies are disrupting the way tourism SMEs do business much faster than ever before. Are you prepared for the opportunities this rapid change is creating?

Over the course of 15 short webinars, learn about digital technologies available to small tourism businesses in Europe. You will gain practical advice on each of them to drive growth in your business.

The first webinar will introduce the range of digital technologies impacting European tourism and the opportunities and threats they present to you.

You will also learn how to undertake a digital landscape analysis, based around 4 key questions:

  • What are the digital technologies most likely to affect you now and in the future?
  • How will your business be affected by these technologies?
  • Who are your main competitors responding?
  • Who is 'leading digital' in your industry?

Enable yourself to better promote your business, save costs and become more efficient now and in the future.

Watch the webinar: 'Developing a content plan'

Watch the webinar: 'Your digital landscape'