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CALL FOR IDEAS : the MEDUSA project for the use of EGNOS in the Euromed countries.

CALL FOR IDEAS : the MEDUSA project for the use of EGNOS in the Euromed countries.
Published on: 16/07/2013 Last update: 05/10/2017
Deadline: 25/08/2013
MEDUSA is the Euromed GNSS II project, funded by European Commission and coordinated by Telespazio, and aimed at exploiting the E-GNSS in the Euromed area.

In parallel with the development of the infrastructures necessary for the E-GNSS availability in the Euromed area, MEDUSA prepares the Euromed countries towards the optimal use and adoption of the relevant provided services in civil aviation and other transport and non-transport domains, by implementing a series of actions focused on EGNOS also in the perspective of Galileo.

Among various support and cooperation actions (such as the organization of national workshops, the deployment of two EGNOS Service demonstrations in civil aviation and multimodal freights transport/logistics and related promotion events, implementing specific technical assistance), MEDUSA is also setting up a long term cooperation and operation structure named GEMCO (Galileo EuroMed Cooperation Office), with an associated Work Plan ensuring the proper regional participation of the beneficiary countries.

Located in Tunis (Tunisia) and operated by MEDUSA, GEMCO acts as a point of reference for all Euromed countries and towards Europe, and through GEMCO, MEDUSA fosters initiatives related to E-GNSS in the Euromed region.

The official start-up of GEMCO is planned on 23 October 2013 through a public workshop.

To support the preparation of GEMCO’s Work Plan presently under elaboration, MEDUSA has launched a call for ideas.

The deadline for submitting the ideas is 25 August 2013.

All stakeholders from public and private entities of all Euromed countries are invited to apply to MEDUSA’s call for ideas. The received ideas will be considered to feed the GEMCO’s Work Plan that will be presented in the occasion of the GEMCO start-up workshop in October.

  • EUROMED : All the cooperation initiatives and programmes focused on bridging Europe and Southern Mediterranean Countries (i.e. N. Africa and Middle East), specifically in transport and infrastructure domains.
  • Euromed GNSS II: it is the second programme, funded by DG DEVCO, to promote extension and use of EGNOS to the North African and Middle East Countries (collectively identified as ENPI South Countries).
  • Telespazio: Telespazio is the MEDUSA project leader, a company that provides international satellite services.
  • E-GNSS: Acronym for the European GNSS systems / signals / technologies, EGNOS and GALILEO
  • GEMCO: Galileo Euro-Med Cooperation Office is a dissemination, training and know-how transfer facility funded by Euromed GNSS II programme to support all ENPI South Countries in GNSS matters.