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Assessment of the European footwear industry

Assessment of the European footwear industry
Published on: 26/11/2014
Author: Risk & Policy Analysts for DG Enterprise and Indus
In response to the challenges faced by the European footwear industry, the European Commission an study of the situation and prospects for future development. The study includes reports on restructuring, research and innovation, education and training as well as an analysis of the competitive position of the sector and policy recommendations

The European footwear industry has been subject to a long period of transition since the early 1990s. EU manufacturers have maintained their competitiveness by offshoring the most costly production processes from their home countries to cheaper locations, and introducing cost cutting measures, which have included a reduction in employment within the sector.

In response to these challenges, the European Commission undertook a study on the industry that combined research, a survey of key stakeholders in the sector and case studies in nine different footwear-producing regions in seven EU countries.

The study highlighted that the EU footwear industry will continue to face a series of barriers in the coming years and identified ways in which the various stakeholders could assist the industry to address these barriers.

The study is in seven parts: a survey, five reports on specific areas of competitiveness and a synthesis report.

Summary of the synthesis report pdf - 53 KB (53 kB) - Full synthesis report 

Survey on the situation of the European footwear sector and prospects for its future development
Executive summary pdf - 18 KB (18 kB) - Full report pdf - 3 MB (3 MB)

Research and innovation centres
Executive summary pdf - 31 KB (31 kB) - Full report pdf - 714 KB (714 kB)

Small and medium-sized enterprises
Executive summary pdf - 35 KB (35 kB) - Full report pdf - 800 KB (800 kB)

Restructuring and modernisation
Executive summary pdf - 46 KB (46 kB) - Full report pdf - 2 MB (2 MB)

Executive summary pdf - 47 KB (47 kB) - Full report pdf - 671 KB (671 kB)

Research, development and innovation in the footwear sector
Executive summary pdf - 36 KB (36 kB) - Full report pdf - 723 KB (723 kB)