‘Europe. Wonder is all around.’ - European Commission campaign to take Europeans off the beaten track and promote tourism in Europe

‘Europe. Wonder is all around.’ - European Commission campaign to take Europeans off the beaten track and promote tourism in Europe
Published on: 11/07/2016
Thursday, 9 June 2016. The European Commission launched a tourism communication campaign ‘Europe. Wonder is all around.' The campaign aims to entice European citizens to discover the hidden wonders of Europe.

This tourism effort asks European citizens to take the lead: share their favourite destinations and in this way make others more aware of and motivate them to travel to the diverse, sustainable and high-quality tourist destinations in Europe.

The tourism sector makes a substantial contribution to European economies. In 2014, it contributed by more than 1.6 trillion EUR, which makes up almost 10% of the total EU GDP and its direct, indirect, and induced impacts supported 25 million jobs in the EU (WTTC, Travel & Tourism economic impact. EU.). However, continued expansion and diversification of the tourism market can be observed and in recent decades many new destinations have emerged within as well as outside of Europe. Statistics show that by 2025 only one third (33%) of international arrivals will be in the EU, down from 40% in 2010 and 56% in 1980 (International tourism trends in EU-28 - current situation and forecasts for 2020-2025-2030). Therefore, the European Commission’s objective is to maintain Europe's standing as a leading destination while maximising the industry's contribution to economic growth and employment.

The ‘Europe. Wonder is all around.’ campaign's website features a Wonder map application through which Europeans are able to share their hidden wonders, flavours and stories. Those who contribute will have a chance not only to win train tickets to travel in Europe, but also to inspire others to take the road less traveled. Photos of destinations will be submitted in four categories: ‘Find your favourite colour’, ‘Europe is your kingdom’, ‘You never feel alone’ and ‘Astonishing beauty’.

In the next phase of the campaign, a top selection of wonders of Europe will be made from all the contributions received and the Wonder Game will kick off. The objective of the game, available for everybody via Facebook account, will be to guess the exact location of a given wonder destination in Europe. The Wonder Game will last for 7 weeks and every week the best player will be awarded with a prize – a Europe travel guide.

The campaign is promoted with a special hashtag: 


The campaign enjoys the support of partner bloggers and various organisations from all over Europe. One of the main partners of the campaign is the European Travel Commission (ETC). Additionally the campaign features a set of promotional video clips to be displayed in European cinemas and online as well as other information material, e.g. informative infographics.

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