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    Microsoft Word - Cuestionario socioerconomico 2212

    23 dic 2009 -
    Crops on Pesticide Use: The First Thirteen Years. The Organic Centre. http:/ Benbrook, C. 2009b. The magnitude and impacts of the Biotech and Organic Seed Price Premium. The Organic Centre. http:/ Binimelis, R., 2008. Coexistence of plants and coexistence of farmers: is an individual
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    31 ene 2006 -
    y desarrollo de Biogreen Energy muestra qué se puede obtener combinando el programa Leader+, comunidades rurales y gente inquieta con ideas innovadoras. Sembrar la idea de una fuente de energía La semilla que hizo germinar este proyecto echó raíces cuando una serie de cosechadores de cereal estaban discutiendo el futuro de su profesión en una reunión de la IFA (Irish Farmers Association, la asociación
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    08 jun 2011 -
    areas under measures 211, 214 (1), 221 (3), 222 (2), 223, 224, 226 (1) and % of RDP activity area over SAU + FOWL in Natura 2000. • Improved water quality: Sum of areas covered by the measure 214 (1), % of RDP surface area regarding organic agriculture area in the Community of Madrid and % of RDP surface area regarding SAU in the Community of Madrid. • Reduce water consumption. • Areas to improve
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    12 abr 2013 -
    is based on the GL, but only contains the measures from the GL which are easy to assess by the Member State and do not involve a need for a complex assessment by the Commission. The ABER simplifies the procedures for granting State aid to SMEs active in the primary production of agricultural products (cf. Art. 1(1) of the ABER) under the following main categories: investment aid, setting up young farmers,
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    16 nov 2012 -
    has been based on the use of the common performance indicators referred to in Article 125 and Annex VIII of Regulation (EU) No 543/2011, and used as part of the Annual Report –Part A that Spain has to notify to the Commission. For some areas of the evaluation, the supply of indicators by producer organizations was irregular, so the results of the quantitative analysis were not conclusive and had to
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    Microsoft Word - R062VDAT

    01 dic 2000 -
    towards one single objective. Let’s say as the objective the improvement in agriculture yields and let’s understand that one can approach it through irrigation, plot concentration, individual aids to farmers and many others. The same exercise would apply for employment. That view on efficiency was at the heart of the concept at the time of inclusion in the methodologies. We believe, though, that