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    Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural - Comisión Europea

    Dacian Cioloș concerning the ban on EU agricultural exports into the Russian Federation Últimas publicaciones Agricultural Markets Brief n° 3: "The rapid growth of EU organic farming - Key facts and figures" [317 KB] EU agriculture - Statistical and economic information - 2013 EU cereal farms report 2013 EU market prices for representative products (July 2014 edition) [5 MB] Short-term outlook for
    14 Aug 2014
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    Mejores prácticas - Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural

    Ecológico Email: Website: Target: Spain Keywords: Asociación Valor Ecológico, Organic Value Association, Organic livestock sector, Pastorea, Newsletter, Training, Online, Business guide, Conversion, CO2 emissions, Project 2013 PASTOREA. Desarrollo de Cadenas de Valor en el Sector de la Ganadería Ecológica - PASTOREA (Grazing): Development of value chain in organic farming sector The overall goal
    12 Aug 2014
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    Implementing the new EU Rural Development - The Spanish Case

    EAGGF funding Cataluña Leader+ 7% RDP art 33 22% RDP other 32% Rur Dev Plan 54% Improvem prod struct 39% October 2002 31 Organic farming In 1999, almost half of the agricultural land used for organic farming in Spain was located in Extremadura. Some 168000 ha has been converted to organic farming, of which more than 60 % is used for pastures, meadowes and fodder. Extremadura Surface: 41 634 km² (8
    28 Oct 2002
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    Bulgaria - 50 años de PAC

    the production capacity of the communities; quality, diversity, health – the European agricultural policy and production; the future of rural society (also through the eyes of young agri professionals); organic farming and agritourism. 01/06/2012 - 31/08/2012 Sofia The information campaign “CAP: re:turn to the future” is pleased to announce a video/photo competition “RE:TURN TO THE FUTURE – AGRICULTURE”
    04 Mar 2013
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    Italia - 50 años de PAC

    dell’Ateneo, in via delle Scienze 206, a Udine. 27/04/2012 - 01/05/2012 APRILIA Lo Sportello Europa partecipa alla Mostra Agricola di Campoverde di Aprilia con uno spazio dedicato alla Politica Agricola Comunitaria (PAC), fornendo informazioni sulla sua storia ed evoluzione. 30/03/2012 UMBRIA - BASTIA UMBRA (PG) The Italian Farmers Confederation (C.I.A.) promotes a national conference on the theme
    04 Mar 2013
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    Grecia - 50 años de PAC

    01/03/2013 Comisión Europea 50 años de PAC es Síganos en: 50 años de PAC - Eventos - Grecia - 21/04/2012 - 25/04/2012 THESSALONIKI The itinerant exhibition on the 50 years of CAP is present in the premises of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki as follows: from 21-25/04/2012. 06/04/2012 ΡΟΔΟΣ Το Κέντρο Ευρωπαϊκής Πληροφόρησης της Αναπτυξιακής
    15 May 2012
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    Portugal - 50 años de PAC

    01/03/2013 Comisión Europea 50 años de PAC es Síganos en: 50 años de PAC - Eventos - Portugal - 01/12/2012 - 31/12/2012 Alto Alentejo - Elvas Distribuição gratuita de publicações da CE sobre a PAC 12/10/2012 Lisbon The impact of CAP on European Farmers 22/06/2012 Angra do Heroísmo Esta conferência será proferida pelo Professor Francisco Avillez, Professor Emérito do Instituto Superior de
    15 May 2012
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    República Checa - 50 años de PAC

    01/03/2013 Comisión Europea 50 años de PAC es Síganos en: 50 años de PAC - Eventos - República Checa - 13/12/2012 Prague Farmers and gov’s cooperation: the way to improve local prosperity & limit bureaucracy? Otros Estados miembros Público en general Niños y jóvenes Partes interesadas Responsables de tomar decisiones Medios Otro Última actualización: 15/05/2012 |
    15 May 2012
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    Unión Europea - 50 años de PAC

    will look at the future challenges and opportunities for the EU farm policy from different angles, and predominantly from a civil society perspective. We will draw on the experience of fifty years of development of the most integrated of all EU policies – the common agricultural policy (CAP) and will look at its impact on EU farmers, consumers, rural regions, global food security and trade. 14/03/
    15 May 2012
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    Reino Unido - 50 años de PAC

    01/03/2013 Comisión Europea 50 años de PAC es Síganos en: 50 años de PAC - Eventos - Reino Unido - 17/10/2012 - 18/10/2012 London Artists, farmers, policy makers, academics, rural community leaders and scientists, etc. are invited to discuss and propose a new cultural framework and perspectives for EU agriculture and rural development policy, Post-2013. 21/06/2012 - 24/06/2012 Edinbourg The itinerant
    15 May 2012