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    08 jun 2011 -
    envisaged for the whole period. Such is the case for measure 124 “Cooperation for the development of new products, processes and technologies in the agriculture and food sector and in the forestry sector”, and 215 “Animal welfare payments”. These are new measures which may provide a demonstration effect for the next programming period. ? The Programme is fostering the development of more sustainable
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    Microsoft Word - R062VDAT

    01 dic 2000 -
    The Local Development Agents and Rural Associations fill the gap in some areas acting as intermediary bodies between final beneficiaries and administration, but there is still a lot of work to develop if the objectives of the 5b programs are to be disseminated. Besides these shortcomings, the general view on the final beneficiaries seems to be fairly positive towards the actions and the administrative
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    Microsoft Word - Avance_Informe_Eval_Posterior_041107_v5_todo

    04 dic 2007 -
    Intermedia de las intervenciones de los Fondos Estructurales. Documento de trabajo nº 8. ? Barke, M y Newton, M (1997): “The EU LEADER Initiative and Endogenous Rural Development: The application of the programme in two rural areas of Andalusia, Southern Spain”. Journal of Rural Studies. Vol. 13. Nº 3 pp. 319341. ? Comisión Europea (1997): “La evaluación global de un proyecto LEADER: Western
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    03 feb 2000 -
    des politiques, Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada. Delbaere, B. C. W. (1998), 'Facts and Figures on Europe's Biodiversity - State and Trends 1998/99', European Centre for Nature Conservation, Tilburg. European Commission, Agriculture, environment, rural development; Fact and Figures – A Challenge for Agriculture, 1999 Institut Francais de l'Environnement, Orleans (1997). “Agriculture et environnement:
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    Estonia - 50 años de PAC

    15 may 2012 -
    01/03/2013 Comisión Europea 50 años de PAC es Síganos en: 50 años de PAC - Eventos - Estonia - 28/09/2012 TALLINN Round table: Effectiveness and Sustainability of Innovative and Good Practice in Rural Area Development 28/09/2012 Талин Кръгла маса "Ефективност и устойчивост на иновативните и добри практики в развитието на
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    07 dic 2005 -
    en Grecia INFORMACIÓN DE CONTACTO PARA LA COOPERACIÓN TRANSNACIONAL LEADER+ Autoridad de gestión (nombre de la organización, persona de contacto para asuntos transnacionales, dirección, teléfono, fax, correo electrónico y página web. Lenguas habladas) - a nivel nacional - si procede, a nivel regional Ministry of Rural Development and Food Specific Secretariat of 3rd CSF Managing Authority of
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    19 oct 2007 -
    initiative anticipated the opportunities foreseen in the New Rural Development Regulation’ (Como las buenas prácticas en la iniciativa Leader+ anticiparon las oportunidades previstas en la nueva normativa de desarrollo rural). El estudio demuestra que no debería considerarse que Leader es simplemente una iniciativa marginal relativa a necesidades rurales específicas fuera del ámbito agrícola
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    13 ene 2011 -
    for assessing the impacts of the Rural Development Programmes in the context of multiple intervening factors”, “Working Paper on the CMEF Gross Value Added Indicators”; y “Working Paper on “Capturing impacts of Leader and of measures to improve Quality of Life in rural areas. Informe de Evaluación Intermedia del Programa de Desarrollo Rural FEADER de la Región de Murcia 2007-2013 (13/12/
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    Preguntas comunes de evaluación con criterios e indicadores - F...

    28 nov 2001 -
    Agriculture, environment, rural development, Fact and figures, a challenge for agriculture" (Agricultura, medio ambiente, desarrollo rural: hechos y cifras; los retos de la agricultura). „ ([SODQDWRU?6KHHWV 9,?)LQDO?3DUW? CHAPTER VI Page D-71 3UHJXQWDV HVSHFtILFDV GHO?FDStWXOR &DStWXOR?9,?0HGLGDV?DJURDPELHQWDOHV 3UHJXQWD 9,?% ¢(Q?TXp?PHGLGD?VH?KD?PDQWHQLGR?R?PHMRUDGR?OD?ELRGLYHUVLGDG?JUDFLDV?D?ODV
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    10 jun 2009 -
    measure I can not happen, specially among the agro-environmentals of the axis 2. The Balearic PDR finally reaches its specific appointed aims in a partial way, and for the answers to the common and transverse questions also with the common general aims of Rural Development, as it was already detected by the AIE. Its final level of financial execution and its partial activation have been, until the end,