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    Stakeholder consultation workshop on Horizon 2020 strategic pri...

    around 80 people representing a variety of organisations involved in the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural productivity and sustainability (EIP-AGRI): Farmers and foresters; Representatives of upstream and downstream industry (food and non-food); Consumers and animal welfare organisations; European or international rural development organisations; Environmental organisations; Representatives
    15 Jul 2014
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    EUROPA - Animal Health & Welfare - Animal Welfare - References

    requirements of animals, while respecting the legislative or administrative provisions and customs of the Member States relating in particular to religious rites, cultural traditions and regional heritage" Main international organisations active on animal welfare and cooperating with the EU Commission: Animal Welfare video Other links : is responsible for the protection of . organised in April 2002
    14 Jul 2014
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    alone or all environmental aspects at the same time? Are current food chains organised to meet farmers’ and consumers' needs? What do consumers know about the impact of their choices? How to achieve change at farm level? These are some of the questions which sparked the debate between those who answered European Commission's invitation to reflect on future strategic research priorities for agriculture
    14 Jul 2014
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    have less than 2 hectares. The age structure of the farming community is on average older than in the EU28: in Greece only 6.9% of farmers are under 35 years old (7.5% in EU-28), while 33% are older than 64 (30% in EU-28). A very diversified production Importance of rural areas Farmer's income compared to wages and salaries in other sectors of the economy What do the Greeks think of the CAP? According
    14 Jul 2014
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    Publications NEWSLETTER JULY 2014 7 JULY 2014 1 FarmPath Nine research organisations from eight countries have drawn up recommendations on increasing sustainability in European agriculture. This is the result of a project named “FarmPath”, which stands for ‘Farming Transitions: Pathways towards regional sustainability of agriculture in Europe’. Funded through the European Commission’s Seventh
    11 Jul 2014
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    tender (to act as focal point for all communication which may take place between the European Commission and the Tenderer) Name and position Organisation Address Telephone Fax e-mail 4. PERSON AUTHORISED TO REPRESENT THE TENDERER and TO SIGN THE CONTRACT Name and position Organisation Address Telephone Fax e-mail 5. STATEMENT I, the undersigned, being the authorized signatory of the above Tenderer (including
    11 Jul 2014
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    organic farming, quality schemes) as suggested in the impact assessment 9 or by additional investments and maintenance work to generate self- control and quality insurance. This analysis should consider the distribution of additional costs between the different actors in the food chain and to what extent it would be transmitted to the final consumer. The impact of clone offspring labelling on trade
    11 Jul 2014
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    EUROPA - Food Safety - Biological Safety of Food - Animal By-Pr...

    figure in a single document. As an informal document, the Commission assumes no responsibility for its content. What are animal by-products? Animal by-products (ABPs) are materials of animal origin that people do not consume. ABPs include among others: Animal feed - e.g. based on fishmeal and processed animal protein; Organic fertilisers and soil improvers - e.g. manure, guano, processed OF/SI on the
    10 Jul 2014
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    and better connect science and practice. The first ten focus groups on the following topics are ongoing and the call for experts for these groups is closed: 1.Organic farming (optimizing arable yields); 2.Protein crops; 3.Animal husbandry (reduction of anti-biotic use in the pig sector); 4.Genetic resources: cooperation models; 5.Soil organic matter content: Mediterranean region; 6.Integrated Pest Management
    08 Jul 2014
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    cows, dairy sector and sheep sector in vulnerable areas 72(3) Additional aid for protein crops 68(1)(a)(i) Aid for quality of durum wheat 68(1)(a)(ii) Quality of tobacco 68(1)(a)(ii) To maintain organic farming 68(1)(a)(v) For conversation to organic farming 68(1)(a)(v) Aid for calves from suckling cows and for organic labelled calves; aid for sheep and goat producers; aid for milk producers in mountain
    04 Jul 2014