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    MTE of RDP Ireland - Indecon Final Report 21st December

    21 Dec 2010 -
    organic produce within the European and International markets. The principle area of impact of the RDP in the organic agri-food sector has been in making the conversion to organic farming easier and more attractive (through funding supports on a per-acre conversion basis), complimenting the Organic Farming Action Plan in achieving a target of 5% of agricultural land certified as organic by 2012. 40
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    08 Jun 2011 -
    increased interest in the “Organic farming” scheme which is represented by the respondents group as well. The development in the applications for these two leading scheme is quite interesting. While ‘HNV in under-grazed grasslands” maintains a stable number from the first year, the “Organic farming” scheme almost doubles its numbers each following year. Additionally, 17% of the AE respondents
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    MTE report LT _summary EN_

    31 May 2011 -
    into the project implementation. The impact of the Programme on the quality of products and implementation of innovation was low at the national level, with the exception of the Organic Farming Scheme under the measure “Agrienvironment payments”, as the assistance expanded the area of certified organic farms by 40%. On the other hand, the majority (around 70%) of all certified organic areas were
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    Microsoft Word - MTE Final Report November 2010

    12 Nov 2010 -
    not offer support in relation to land already fully converted to organic management. It is a requirement of the scheme that any grassland should be grazed primarily by organic livestock or animals undergoing conversion to organic status. Participants are required to adhere to environmental and animal welfare conditions that are more rigorous than those applying to non-organic farmers. Measure 2.3: First
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    Microsoft Word - MTE Wales RDP FINAL REPORT

    13 Dec 2010 -
    Strategy Plan for RDP preparation NUTS Acronym from French “Nomenclature des Unités Territoriales Statistiques” a geographic area for statistical purposes NVZ Nitrate Vulnerable Zone OFS Organic Farming Scheme OFCS Organic Farm Conversion Scheme OGA Other Gainful Activity ONS Office for National Statistics PMC Programme Monitoring Committee PMG Processing and Marketing Grant RES Rural Enterprise
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    Guidance note K – Examples of additional indicators

    07 Feb 2007 -
    agricultural and forestry sector Animal health and welfare Awareness of hygiene and proportion of slaughterhouses having implemented relevant EU guidelines Alternative farming Organic farming and other low-input farming systems such as integrated plant-protection Population of butterflies Biodiversity: Plant species diversity Trend in structure / quality parameters (description) Maintaining forest resources
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    Guidance note E – Measure Fiches

    07 Feb 2007 -
    forgone due to the commitment - Where necessary, they may also cover transaction costs Commitments can concern the following activities: - Organic farming - Integrated production - Other extensification of farming systems: fertilisers reduction, pesticides reduction and extensification of livestock - Crop rotation, maintenance of set-aside areas - Actions to prevent or reduce soil erosion - Genetic
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    Microsoft Word - 001-UA001779-WX-R-02 MTE Volume 1

    01 Jun 2011 -
    farming, the organic strand of ELS pays a supplement to certified organic farmers, where no artificial fertilisers or chemicals are used and there is lower use of medicines in livestock. A recent evaluation of OELS (NAO, 2010) commented ‘research indicates that organic farming delivers environmental benefits, and in particular has been shown to have benefits for biodiversity … but insufficient research
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    MTE report CZ _EN_

    30 May 2011 -
    farming in the organic farming system, which simultaneously implies an increase of the funding for environmental farmers. The volume of environmental farmers’ funding approximated in Round 9 to 20% of the total funding volume with an expected share of 10.36% of environmental farmers performing their farming activities on agricultural land. This implies a nearly double funding volume for environmental
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    Microsoft Word - NRW_Summary

    14 Dec 2010 -
    Farming and the Full-Scale Grassland Extensification are contributing to combating climate change by reducing emissions of nitrous oxide. First estimates show impacts to be on average 36 kt CO2 equivalents. The positive impacts of organic farming on species and communities on land parcels should be optimised by additional, optional contractual modules. Summary 5 The goal-setting and funding territory