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    EU agricultural product quality policy development - Agricultur...

    to the opinion of the Council of ministers and of other Institutions, it may lead to legislative proposals by 2010. 12-13 March:   organised by the Czech Presidency in Prague; presentation of the Conclusions from the consultation on the . 2008 31 December:   End of the public consultation on the Green Paper. 560 contributions were received. 15 October:   Adoption of the : Product standards, farming
    20 Jun 2014
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    The Communication on agricultural product quality policy - Agri...

    This opened the way to future EU initiatives ( …) which were presented as part of a 'Quality package' in December 2010.   The Communication in a nutshell To achieve a greater overall coherence and consistency of agricultural product quality policy, the Commission suggests: a progressive adoption of obligatory place-of-farming labelling; a replacement of detailed marketing standards by a general
    11 Feb 2014
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    Farmers need to possess knowledge and marketing skills for organising their sales as well as to recognise their marketing opportunities. The 2012 conference has addressed the question of how to facilitate market access for local farmers. The conference conclusions have underlined the importance of creating trust between farmers and consumers and the significance of values attached on one side to the
    16 Dec 2013
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    They inform the consumer (on the origin or variety of fruits and vegetables for example) and allow for price comparison between products of a similar quality. These standards make trade in Europe easier. Organic farming Organic farming respects the natural life cycles of plants and animals. It minimises our impact on the environment. Production methods comply with precise and strict European legislation.
    29 Jun 2011
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    Microsoft Word - ia-gi_en

    farming where unsuited to the land, development). Helps conserve traditional landscape, knowledge and methods. Highly integrated production system. Farmers strive to maximise milk output but PDO cheese production linked to producer interest in conservation, animal welfare, organic production, other traditional products. (+ -) although water use is quite high in dairy farming and overall demand is increasing
    10 Dec 2010
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    Microsoft Word - ia-tsg_en

    The organic scheme also, is to a limited extent, viewed by consumers as reflecting traditional values. In fact in organic farming, innovative and recently developed techniques are employed in conformity with the principles of organic farming, but the traditional image is an element in its consumer appeal (non use of GMOs; synthetic products, etc.) The economic weight of these schemes is in the order
    10 Dec 2010
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    Diapositiva 1

    aggregation fed by all the schemes included in the inventory for the specific country (1) Schemes can cover multiple product groups and/or multiple policy areas Schemes by COVERED PRODUCTS and POLICY AREA Safety & Hygiene Traceability Animal Health Origin & specific production environment Animal Welfare Organic Farming Integrated crop/pest management Environmenta l management Sustainable use of resources
    07 Dec 2010
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    poitoucharentes/ YES YES YES 388 Slovak Gold Slovak ia www.slovakgold.sk/in dex.php?lang=EN YES 389 Slovak organic farming Slovak ia www.uksup.sk/index.p hp?n=107 YES YES 390 Soil Association organic standards United Kingdo m www.soilassociation.o rg/Whatwedo/Organic standards/ YES YES YES 391 Sojarei bio Austria www.sojarei.at YES YES YES 392 Sonnentro Austria www.sonnentor.com/ YES YES YES 393 SOPA
    02 Dec 2010
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    Global view - production process

    m/index.shtml 386 Sì! Naturalmente Italy YES 387 Signé Poitou Charente France www.irqua.com/co nnaitre/signes-didentification regionale/fs-poitoucharentes/ YES YES YES 388 Slovak Gold Slovakia www.slovakgold.sk /index.php?lang=E N 389 Slovak organic farming Slovakia www.uksup.sk/inde x.php?n=107 YES YES YES 390 Soil Association organic standards United Kingdom www.soilassociatio n.org/Whatwedo/O rganicstandards/
    02 Dec 2010
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    Global view - sectors

    YES YES YES 389 Slovak organic farming Slovakia www.uksup.sk/index.php?n=1 07 YES YES YES YES YES honey 390 Soil Association organic standards United Kingdom www.soilassociation.org/Wha twedo/Organicstandards/ YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES 391 Sojarei bio Austria www.sojarei.at YES 392 Sonnentro Austria www.sonnentor.com/ YES YES YES 393 SOPA -Sottish Organic Producers Association- United Kingdom
    02 Dec 2010