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    16 Apr 2012 -
    Land Use Land Use Change and Forestry MCPFE Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe MO Monitoring Organisation(s) MRV Monitoring Reporting and Verification MS Member State(s) of the EU NCA National Competent Authorities NFI National Forest Inventory NFSS National Farm Structure survey NIPF Non-industrial private forest landowners NSI National Statistic Institutes NUTS Nomenclature
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    20 Sep 2013 -
    the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) where important decisions are being taken on forest-related matters such as REDD+110, biodiversity and protected areas management and financing, sustainable land management. The EU is also an active member of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)111, an intergovernmental organization
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    Mobilization and efficient use of wood and wood residues for en...

    17 Mar 2009 -
    a pressing need for emphasis on efforts in MS which aim at forest owner market involvement. The characteristics of forest owners are changing to include more and more non-farmers and absentee owners. Also local labour forces are decreasing. The organisation levels of forest owners differ widely within the EU and are specifically less developed in the New Member States. The means by which mobilisation
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    17 Mar 2009 -
    of scenery Nature tourism Cultural tourism Rural tourism Sustainable tourism Recreation Walking Hiking Camping Bird‐watching Hunting and fishing Orienteering in nature Horseback riding Mountain biking War games Organized NWFP collection Huts and cottage renting SOCIAL SERVICES Sport activities Outdoor sports Organized sport competitions Hunting Fishing Education (Pedogogic) services School excursions
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    Sustainable Forestry and the European Union

    17 Sep 2003 -
    in agricultural holdings • Setting-up of young farmers • Vocational training • Early retirement • Investments to improve processing and marketing of agricultural products • Land improvement • Reparcelling • Setting-up of farm relief and farm management services • Marketing of quality agricultural products • Agricultural water resources management • Development and improvement of
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    The forestation of agricoltural areas in Northern Italy: the cr...

    21 Jan 2011 -
    Currently in the park there are almost two hundred thousand trees and shrubs of 100 species, 30% of which originate in the Po Valley (Sanesi et al., 2006). Boscoincittà Boscoincittà has been promoted by Italia Nostra (i.e., environmental organization) which takes care of management through the support of many volunteers. The initiative started in the 1970s and was built on public land granted by the