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    Agri-environment measures - Agriculture and rural development

    environmental outcomes, while not being necessarily the first choice from the point of view of profitability. Examples of commitments covered by national/regional agri-environmental schemes are: environmentally favourable extensification of farming;   management of low-intensity pasture systems;   integrated farm management and organic agriculture;   preservation of landscape and historical features
    10 Feb 2014
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    Agriculture and soil protection - Agriculture and rural develop...

    for irrigation, improper use of pesticides, use of heavy machinery, or overgrazing. Other causes of soil degradation include the abandonment of certain farming practices. For example greater specialisation towards arable farming has frequently meant an end of traditional crop rotation systems and fertilising with green legumes (working these plants into the soil), practices that helped restore the organic
    10 Feb 2014
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    Cross-compliance - Agriculture and rural development

    and environmental condition refers to a range of standards related to soil protection, maintenance of soil organic matter and structure, avoiding the deterioration of habitats, and water management. Cross-compliance represents the "baseline" or "reference level" for agri-environment measures. For all requirements falling under cross-compliance, the compliance costs have to be born by farmers ( ). Cross-
    10 Feb 2014
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    Environmental Integration and CAP:

    as a feature of discussions about ‘greening’ the policy. To date, the EU has a small number of labelling policies which have potential to encourage environmentally sensitive production in the agricultural sector. These include: IEEP September 2002 99 ? an organic farming standard and associated logo, representing an agreed standard of arable production and husbandry for all organic farms in the
    15 Oct 2002
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    Environmental Integration and CAP

    are opportunities to target certain forms of CMO support more precisely or modify specific rules with environmental benefit. At present there is no regional differentiation in stocking rate ceilings to reflect local carrying capacity for example. Organic farmers are exempted from compulsory set-aside but other forms of high nature value farming are not. One means of introducing a more targeted, regionally
    15 Oct 2002
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    Microsoft Word - 9922_en

    pesticides on the maintenance of rotational practices. Examples include the introduction of organic farming, integrated crop management, set aside of field margins and specific measures, tested through LIFE nature projects, aimed at particular habitats. Measures are also in place to manage farm woodlands, wetlands and hedgerows to benefit flora and fauna. Concerning under-use of agricultural land, abandonment
    15 Feb 1999