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    12 Feb 2014 -
    organic farming activities through establishing an Organic Farming Information System. A network is envisaged among the Control and Certification Bodies, MARA and Provincial Directorates for organic production as a first step towards setting up database for organic farming. Data entry between the Control and Certification Bodies and the Ministry is now operational for the agencies as of 21.03.2005.
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    13 Feb 2009 -
    for agricultural production. Organic agricultural production Organic agriculture in Croatia dates back to the 1980s’. The Act on Organic Farming (see 2.1.1) was passed in 2001. Its major part has been harmonized with the EU Directive 2092 and with the IFOAM11 Guidelines. The total number of registered organic farmers in Croatia accounts for 257 (status as on 01.09.2005). The system for inspection
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    03 Oct 2014 -
    at Rezanovce Meeting villagers at Rezanovce School Sheep on an organic farm in Pehcevo municipality Dairy farm at Staro Nagoricane Skilled workers from Serbia producing vine grafts at company Agrokalem, Timjanik The potential for cooperation in farming and in the food chain There is clearly scope for further enterprises of the kind described above, and for more widespread patterns of cooperation among
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    12 Feb 2014 -
    14. 12. 2007; mod. July, 2008; mod. June 2009, mod November, 2010, EN mod December 2011, mod August 2012, mod September 2013 42 Organic farming The beginnings of the organic agriculture in the Republic of Croatia date from the eighties. The Act on Organic Agriculture was adopted in the year 2001 (OG 12/01, 14/01). Its largest part is already harmonised with the EU Directive 2092, as well as
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    12 Feb 2014 -
    to organic certification; regional variations; linkages with regional and EU markets; lessons learned from the MAFWE support programme; training and education support systems, etc. Organic farming is of no focus of support in this Programming period, so it is agreed that brief outline information is sufficient to give an overview of this sector at this stage and when (if) addressed in the future it
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    10 Jun 2009 -
    of organic farming, quality policy and other horizontal aspects. At agricultural market level, setting up of market mechanisms (including marketing standards, price reporting, quota management, producers' organisations, public intervention etc.). sCREEning – oPEning BEnChMARks Before launching the negotiations on a given chapter, the Commission conducts a "screening" exercise, which is the formal
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    Pre-accession assistance - Agriculture and rural development

    22 Apr 2015 -
    Turkey), the main focus is put on legislative alignment and building up of administrative capacity to implement the acquis communautaire that constitutes the Common Agricultural Policy. This can be divided in three main areas: horizontal issues, single common market organisation and rural development.   In the area of rural development the main priority of component 1 assistance at this stage is to