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    Cecilia Malmström's team - European Commission

    23 Oct 2014 -
    and GIs Intellectual property, including counterfeiting and origin markings Procurement Geographic Attributions China, Taiwan Latin America Mercosur Relations with Spain, Portugal, Italy Collegiality GRI Foreign Policy & Security Policy Humanitarian Aid & Crisis Management Agriculture & Rural Development Relations with Council, preparations Eur. Council Member Christian Burgsmüller Thematic Attributions
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    Dimitris Avramopoulos' team - European Commission

    23 Oct 2014 -
    policy EMCCDA / Drugs Agency Relations with Ombudsman Relations with national Parliaments Relations with CoR and EESC Protocol Non-portfolio responsibilities Environment, Maritime affairs and Fisheries Agriculture and Rural development Climate Action and Energy Policy Assistant to the Commissioner Ilias Papastamatiou Coordination of IT matters Webmaster coordinator Audio-visual matters Social Media
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    Marianne Thyssen's team - European Commission

    22 Oct 2014 -
    with national parliaments College Better Regulation, Interinstitutional Relations, Rule of Law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights (First Vice-President Timmermans) Budget and Human Resources (Vice-President Georgieva) Budget (BUDG) Internal audit (IAS) Anti-fraud (OLAF) Human resources and security (HR) Relations with Court of Auditors Regional policy (REGIO) Agriculture and rural development (AGRI)
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    End of dairy quotas: a challenge and opportunity for the EU - E...

    26 Sep 2014 -
    structural surpluses. Successive reforms of the EU's Common Agriculture Policy have increased the market-orientation of the sector and provided a range of other, more targeted instruments. Speaking ahead of the end of the quota regime, EU Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development Phil Hogan stated: "The end of the milk quota regime is both a challenge and an opportunity for the Union. It is a
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    FLEGT WEEK 2015 – Closing Plenary - European Commission

    19 Mar 2015 -
    generate jobs and incomes, often in poor rural areas with few alternative sources of income. Yet forests are under growing pressure. Deforestation rates are alarming in many tropical regions, due to a number of factors that include the expansion of agriculture and mining, increasing demand for wood energy and illegal logging. Good forest governance and law enforcement are the common underlying conditions
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    European e-Justice Portal - Land registers

    22 Nov 2012 -
    boundaries. This complex public database containing information on agricultural land and immovable property, that is, on some of the most important components of economic life, agriculture and credit circulation, is managed by the land administration in an integrated manner and covers the entire administrative territory of Hungary. The aim of the system is to help enforce the right to property, a healthy
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    Making a splash on world water day - European Commission

    20 Mar 2015 -
    gain an income and have a decent life. This is the case of , an Eritrean farmer who has to face the dry climate of his country (the average yearly rainfall in the region is now below 300 mm, less than half that of Germany) to make a living out of his coffee trees. For a while he depended on rain-fed agriculture, but the limited rainfall and deforestation led to poor harvests which didn’t allow for
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    EU funding for Roma integration - European Commission - DG Just...

    11 Feb 2014 -
    and Social Inclusion is the , 4-6 Spitalska, SK-816 43 Bratislava. The managing authority for the education programme is the , 1 Stromova, SK-813 30 Bratislava. List of relevant ERDF managing authorities: Ministry of the Environment (OP Environment); Nám. Ľ. Štúra 1, Bratislava 1, 812 35 Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the SR (Regional OP); Prievozská 2/B, 825 25 Bratislava 26
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    06 Mar 2015 -
    of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic did not request for prolongation of a moratorium on the sale of agricultural and forest land.   Source :     Log In   Events March 2015 S M T W T F S 1 Greece: Equally Athenians, as well as Greeks This event aims to raise awareness on the issue of citizenship for second generation migrants, and i 2 Metropolis Professional Development (MPD)
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    EU common agricultural policy reform options

    06 May 2015 -
    European Commission en CAP - Options for reform - 18/11/2010    Three options to revamp the EU's agricultural policy for a secure food supply, sustainable agriculture, a better environment and rural development. The common agricultural policy (CAP) has evolved through the years, but further reform is needed to help European farming meet the market’s changing needs and weather the economic crisis.