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    This includes ?nancial contributions mainly from trade unions,the church, regional public authorities and rural cooperatives. The intensive cooperation among the local key actors is apositivesignwhich helps to guarantee the projectresults. Projectdescription 1. Briefhistory of theproject ■ The original project idea dates back to 1994 when, further to apublic consultation, it wasrecognised that a coherent
    24 Oct 2008
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    Deliverable 5

    de Mais (AGPM) France Mais Doux (Sweet Corn) V.2001-Revision 2005 Integra ANECOOP Spain COOP Spain Naturane vs.1.3 Procert,Grupotec E. Martinavarro.S.A. Spain Natursense Versión: 03 / Julio 05 Procert Horticulture NZ New Zealand New Zealand GAP V.August 2005 AgriQuality AENOR Spain UNE 155000 AENOR, Spain Fundacion para el Desarrollo Fruticola - FDF Chile ChileGAP 2005 V2 Rev 02 Inspectorate, CMI,
    18 Jan 2007
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    the local reality. The frst action, therefore, in every project, has been the acquiring of knowledge, from which the responses have been born and then little by little have been adjusted, letting the reality of the situation dictate the rules of the game and not preestablished ideas. For example, in areas with very diverse contexts (urban vs. rural) such as in Haiti (rural zone in the south and urban
    11 Nov 2013
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    Agricultural Insurance Schemes – 2

    Scotland. Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research, SNIFFER Project CC03, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. EC-DG-JRC-IPSC-AGRICULTURE Unit Internal ref: JRC IPSC/G03/S/JGA/mdi D(2008)(9803) 108 Basco, C., I. Buccellato, V. Delich, and D. Tassie (2002). “La nueva Farm Bill. Ley de seguridad agricola e inversion rural de los Estados Unidos. Un analisis de sus implicaciones comerciales”.
    16 Feb 2009
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    Microsoft Word - AgrinsurNovember Text

    222 REFERENCES ALASA (1992) "El seguro agrario, herramienta básica para el desarrollo del sector agropecuario en el siglo XXI. VII Congreso Internacional, Asociación Latinoamericana para el desarrollo del Seguro Agropecuario, Sevilla (España), 5-8 May. Alizadeh, A. and Nomitos, N. (2005). "Agricultural Reforms and the Use of Market Mechanisms for Risk Management" Centre for Shipping, Trade & Finance.
    20 Feb 2007
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    her work during a celebration of Women in Business Day. This event was organised jointly by the city council, the Somontano Development Centre, and Somontano region. Child development centre Member State: Spain Region: Aragon Name of the LAG: Cedemar, Centro para el desarrollo de las Comarcas del Mar de Aragón Population: 22 216 Surface area: 1 988 km? Project total cost: EUR 26 830 EU: EUR 4 025 Other
    12 Sep 2007