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Augusto Burgueño Arjona profile
Augusto Burgueño Arjona

A new edition of the ICT Proposers Day will take place in Bratislava on 26-27 September 2016. The ICT Proposers day is a unique networking opportunity to build partnerships and projects targeting the new Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme calls.

The e-infrastructure topic will be addressed during a session  on the e-infrastructure and the European Open Science Cloud that will give an opportunity to potential participants to get an overview of the call topics and to discuss potential co-design opportunities in the context of EINFRA-21-2017 as well as...

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Anni Hellman

The consultation on mathematics for Horizon 2020 has proven a great success and it also brings the message, loud and clear, that mathematics have a lot to offer to science and innovation. The response has exceeded all our expectations both in terms of quantity of responses and in the quality of contributions received.


The report highlights the importance of collaboration between sciences and mathematics, and between mathematics and the industry. It will be presented within the Commission in the context of the drafting process of the Horizon 2020 Work programmes for the...

Augusto Burgueño Arjona profile
Augusto Burgueño Arjona

The process towards the third and last Horizon 2020 Work programme covering the period 2018-2020 has started, and we would like  you to help us identify the challenges faced by the European e-infrastructure stakeholders.

What are the key challenges ahead? How to answer the increasing scientific data needs? How can industrial actors fully benefit from the services provided by European e-infrastructures?

These are some of the questions for which we seek your input.

The deadline for this consultation is 30 April 2016.

Share your views and help us identify the...