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  Training on EU standards for animal by-productsslide

The Commission organises training for national-level control staff from EU countries, candidate, associated and 'European Neighbourhood' countries. Staff from certain non-EU countries may also attend. Industry staff may take part at their own expense.

The EU categorises ABPs based on the risk they pose. Categorisation determines how they should be collected, transported, processed, used or disposed of and the controls EU countries must carry out.

What is the Commission's role?

The Commission sets:

  • hygiene standards;
  • processing methods;
  • traceability and import requirements for specific ABPs.

What are animal by-products?

Animal by-products (ABPs) are materials of animal origin not intended for human consumption. Over 16 million tonnes are produced in the EU every year. ABPs can be used as they are, transformed into products or disposed of. Using certain ABPs in feed can spread disease or contaminants and pose environmental problems, if not properly disposed of.

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